Popular mobile social applications Vine, Flipboard and Path are coming to Windows Phone operating system in conjunction with Nokia. These leading developers are hard at work on creating some great apps for the platform.
Twitter-owned Vine enables mobile device owners to film and share videos running no longer than six seconds. Consumers can shoot clips in a single take or pause the recording to string together montages of brief shots. Vine’s 13-million users are now sharing more than 1-million videos each day.

Flipboard brings together stories, photos and videos from across multiple content platforms and social networks, leveraging a swipe-based user interface that draws inspiration from the look and feel of traditional print publications. All customised Flipboard magazines are public and sharable via e-mail, Facebook or Twitter.

Readers can “like” items, comment on posts or even set up subscriptions for subsequent issues. More than 50 percent of Flipboard users read customised magazines every day.

Path is a social networking-enabled photo sharing and messaging service for mobile devices, launched in November 2010. The service allows users to share with their close friends and family.

Users update their stream on Path by posting photos, adding tags for people, places, and other things in general. Path limits each user’s social network to 150 friends to encourage users to select only high-quality connections.

All three apps are expected to be available for Lumia users on the Windows Phone store before the end of 2013.