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Kathy Gibson reporting from Amsterdam – Education is a focused market area for Acer, and one that it is aggressively pursuing across the EMEA region.
Walter Deppeler, senior corporate vice-president of Acer, explains that the company has set up a focused geographical expansion targeting the education market.

Apart from its existing product line-up, Acer offers a full line of complementary products for the education market as well as specially-designed solutions.

The company has set up enhanced communication channels with the teacher community; it takes input from advisory boards structure to get direct input on product usage; and communicates with university students.
Acer also offers pre-sales support and has a dedicated certified channel programme for the education market, Deppeler says.

Jakob Olsen, vice-president: commercial division at Acer EMEA, points out that Acer has been strong in education for a long time.

“Our mission has always been to bring down the barriers between people and technology, and education is a good place to do this.”

Currently, Acer has 300 resellers focused on education throughout the EMEA region, and hopes to grow this footprint over the coming months.

The benefits for resellers to partner with Acer in education include a dedicated brand and business development manager; an ecosystem that includes content; a dedicated marketing team; and a special area in the Acer Synergy partner portal.

During 2014, Olsen says Acer hopes to convert a number of existing partners to becoming education partners.