Mark Davison at Oracle OpenWorld, San Francisco – In amongst a slew of new cloud offerings, Oracle has also introduced the Oracle Cloud Marketplace aimed at giving businesses easy access to innovative and trusted business applications.
The company says the Cloud Marketplace, which features more than 100 business applications developed by Oracle partners, is not only designed to meet the demand of customers, but also to create new opportunities for its partners.

Leveraging Oracle Cloud Platform Services, Oracle partners can quickly build applications, extend and integrate with Oracle SaaS applications, and publish their applications on the Oracle Cloud Marketplace to reach Oracle customers.

“To remain competitive in today’s highly-connected business environment, organisations are increasingly adopting innovative cloud applications to support their everyday business operations,” says Steve Miranda, executive vice-president of applications development at Oracle.

“Oracle partners can leverage Oracle Cloud Platform Services to quickly build applications, extend and integrate with Oracle Cloud SaaS applications, and give our customers the best and most complete cloud experience.

“The Oracle Cloud Marketplace is specifically designed to help organisations quickly and easily find, evaluate, and purchase the applications they need to reach their business goals,” he adds.

“As the perfect distribution channel for cloud applications, it also creates exciting opportunities for our partners by enabling them to easily develop, integrate, publish, and monetise their innovative applications.”

Currently, the range of applications available cover channel management, lead generation, data quality, reporting, productivity tools, quoting, contract management, forecasting, sales incentives, and compensation management.