Acer has announced AxizWorkgroup has been appointed as the sole distributor for Acer Altos servers.
“Acer is pleased to be partnering with one of sub-Saharan Africa’s premier hardware distributors which will allow Acer Altos server products to form part of a flagship range of IT hardware brands from AxizWorkgroup that have made the company one of the country’s leading distributors of the world’s leading brands,” says Rory Green, Acer Africa business development manager for servers.

“We’re delighted to have the opportunity to take the Acer server range to market. Acer has had a longstanding relationship with AxizWorkgroup and I believe that this agreement will further solidify the relationship.
“AxizWorkgroup Enterprise computing division prides itself on the ability to offer our resellers quality in service, expertise and know-how in order to take enterprise solutions to market and I believe that Acer Altos servers will provide our resellers another quality option in the X86 server space,” says Jim Holland, executive: enterprise business at AxizWorkgroup.

The Acer server products are positioned as follows:
* Altos T110 F3 & T310 F3 – for branch offices, SoHo and SMB businesses;
* Altos T350 F2 – medium sized enterprises and departments;
* Altos R360 F2 – enterprise level operations in departments;
* Altos R380 F2 – for data centres;
* Altos R580 F2 – for enterprise database and large processing workloads; and
* AW-Series – for HPC (high performance computing) clustering and hosted environments.

AxizWorkgroup’s distribution agreement with Acer Africa will take effect immediately, allowing the Altos Servers product line to be distributed by AxizWorkgroup and its channel partners in the African region.