Connection Telecom, the leading cloud-based communications provider, has launched the most affordable innovative internet and voice solution which guarantees quality.
MD Dave Meintjes says for the price of Internet access, the telco now offers its customers managed fibre access circuits on which to run their voice communications – including hosted PBX, call centre or videoconferencing services.

Pricing for the various broadband over fibre capacities are:
* 1Mbps at a price of R1 495, with a once-off fee of R1 500;
* 2Mbps at a price of R2 695, with a once-off fee of R1 500;
* 4Mbps at a price of R4 995, with a once-off fee of R1 500;
* 10Mbps at a price of R7 995, with a once-off fee of R1 500; and
* 15Mbps at a price of R10 995, with a once-off fee of R1 500.

Meintjes says its broadband fibre solution offers voice-ready quality cost-effectively.

“Connection Telecom offers a managed service, which is an essential underpinning of quality-assured network telephony,” Meintjes says.
“Proactive monitoring, full network and site redundancy and self-healing capabilities all contribute business-critical quality of service (QoS), which cannot be matched by running telephony over unmanaged access when voice and data are converged.”

The service is offered in partnership with Internet Solutions, whose Carrier business unit provides last-mile connectivity to customers on fibre, among other access technologies that is available.

Rob Lith, Connection Telecom’s business development director, says fibre offers both sufficient bandwidth and dedicated voice channels to meet converged voice service requirements.

Lith says the service is available in selected high-density business locations in the three biggest metros and new locations are being added monthly.

The service is immediately available in 12 locations reaching over 1 000 business tenants. New locations are being aggressively rolled out every month.

Where new buildings are connected and pre-wired, tenants will have immediate access to fibre-based services. In existing buildings, where fibre has reached buildings but have yet to reach offices, installation is possible in two weeks.

Meintjes says fibre-based services are not only the only proper solution for QoS, but also the only truly future-proof one, attracting on-going development of new Internet Protocol-based services.