As VMware turns 15, the company is looking back at how much it has changed since 1997, when it started developing one of the most disruptive technologies of its generation.
Through its launch of the VMware Time Machine the company is providing users with a snapshot of not only its own history, but of significant milestones in the ICT calendar over the last 15 years.

The VMware Time Machine offers an interactive timeline back to where VMware began, as well as insight into the developments within the company, the technological innovations it has introduced to the industry and the profound impact it has had on transforming IT. Through the Time Machine, viewers can transport into the past and the future, and derive a view of the company’s vision for the next 15 years.

Some highlights of the Time Machine include the fact that VMware was the first company to boot Windows 95 on a virtual machine and that it was the first to virtualise the Intel processor, something previously thought impossible.

Today, its virtualisation technology has been named one of the 25 most influential products of the last 25 years, its vSphere4 product generated more than 500 000 customer downloads in the first five months and the company was recently voted one of 2013’s 50 Disruptive Companies according to MIT Technology Review’s annual list.

While the Time Machine provides an interactive walkthrough of the above, it also contextualises where these milestones fit into the rest of the industry providing a view of when Google was founded, when Apple introduced the first Mac, the launch of the first Blackberry, how a 3G auction raised £22,5-billion, the launch of the first iPod, the foundation of Wikipedia and the launch of the XBox.

Other significant announcements included are the launch of MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, the iPhone, Twitter, the Kindle and Google Streetview, to name but a view.