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Kaspersky Lab was been vindicated in a lawsuit initiated by Lodsys, a company located in Texas that operates as a Patent Assertion Entity. Kaspersky Lab, along with 54 other companies including Atari, Symantec and Estee Lauder, were originally named in Lodsys’ lawsuit. Kaspersky Lab refused to settle out of court and demanded the case be brought to trial.

On 30 September, seven days before the trial was to commence, Lodsys withdrew its claims, and its lawsuit was dismissed with prejudice. Kaspersky Lab paid no money to Lodsys, and did not agree to any settlement terms.

In May 2012, Lodsys filed a patent action against 55 companies in the US, claiming they were infringing on one or more of four patents that pertain to collecting user’s perceptions about the product, including purchases and upgrades with computer applications.

While 51 companies agreed to settle the case out-of-court, the rest planned to fight against the lawsuit, but three of them settled10 days before the final trial hearings were to commence.

Kaspersky Lab determined to take the case to court and, on 30 September, the court approved the petition from Lodsys to withdraw its claim and the lawsuit was dismissed with prejudice.