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McAfee has announced a new version of its data centre security solution. The McAfee Data Centre Server Security Suite provides complete visibility to all workloads in hybrid data centres so organisations can secure and expand that environment confidently into the cloud.

This flexibility gives organisations elastic security that is auto-deployed when new virtual devices are provisioned either on-premise or in the public cloud.

The new McAfee Data Centre Server Security suite allows organisations to:
* Discover all workloads including those from VMware’s vCentre and Amazon Web Services to provide the security administrator with complete visibility of the security status.
* Protect every physical and virtual machine in the hybrid data centre with fine-grained policy management and data centre trust attestation with ease-of-use manageability with McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator.
* Expand computer capacity securely into the private and public cloud and ensure identical security posture between on-premise and cloud-based machines.

McAfee Data Centre security optimises security, flexibility, and manageability of virtual environments with its MOVE AV functionality, finally providing a simplified security solution for companies investing in virtualisation for data centres, applications, and desktops.

“The McAfee MOVE Anti Virus solution has provided us with an excellent resolution for our complex IT infrastructure which contains dozens of assorted operating systems in use, presents difficult challenges of both functionality and performance,” says Rick Snyder, Endpoint Security manager at Boston Scientific.

“Our organisation handles sensitive data from customers, vendors, business partners and our own internal activities. Maximising performance while continuing protection across multiple internal entities is a high priority for our IT department, as is providing reporting on its effectiveness.

“McAfee MOVE has been integral in achieving these simultaneous goals by giving us the ability to off load all scanning of data into a gateway virtual appliance. This streamlined and efficient approach saves resources and maintains our security posture.”

Customers now have complete visibility to all workloads on-premise and in the cloud, which then enables them to secure all important workloads. With the ability to expand their computer resources into the public cloud while also securing these workloads, customers can now maintain their security posture even in the public cloud.

“Enterprises must stay compliant and meet government regulations and that is a typical barrier for organisation who want to move workloads into the cloud,” says Craig Hockley, regional director, South Africa and sub-Saharan Africa, McAfee.

“With McAfee’s latest Data Centre Server Security Suite and its elastic security, enterprises are now empowered to do just that. McAfee provides comprehensive security from servers to networking to storage.”