PayU, SA’s leading online payment solutions provider, has encouraged budding entrepreneurs to become their own boss.

“Entrepreneurship is a viable career choice for young South Africans” says PayU CEO, Mark Chirnside. “It is with this in mind that PayU is encouraging potential entrepreneurs of all ages to pursue their start-up career paths, but more specifically to investigate their own online business.”

Chirnside shares seven reasons to start an online business:

Low start-up costs
Having an online business eliminates the worry and expense of renting office space, physical inventory and stationary costs. The biggest online cost would be purchasing the domain name and hosting the Web site. This cost, however, does not equate to a fraction of the expense of having a physical bricks-and mortar presence.

Increased job security
With your job essentially in your own hands, you have obtained the ultimate job security. In the current economic situation, even established companies have been forced to retrench staff. It could take as much as losing one account to force companies to close departments.

Streamline home-running costs
Being the owner of an online business gives you the luxury of being able to work from home. This means the ever-increasing childcare costs would be eliminated, as you’ll be able to spend valuable time with your family. For most dual-income households, this is a significant monthly saving. And instead of your home standing vacant during office hours, it’s actually contributing to your ability to earn an income.

Open 24/7
The biggest advantage of having an online store is the fact that it never closes. This means that there’s a potential for your store to be the busiest outside of office hours. This literally means that you could make money while you sleep.

Broader client network
The Internet is the best venue for business. Instead of being limited by geography, it allows your client network to reach a global scale instead of limiting your customer base to a domestic nature.

No limitations on product and information
As an online business owner you are in complete control of the amount of information you include on your Web site and unlike a physical store with space limitations, you may include as much product as you could handle.

Better customer support
Online customer support allows for a more efficient and well thought out timeous response. This efficient support will result in better customer satisfaction and in turn increased profitability.

“If you have an Internet connection, you can commence the journey to having Internet pay for your home, car instalments, kids’ university fees or even your dream holiday. To create and maintain a sustainable online business, you don’t need to be a tech guru, all you need is a Web site and online shopping basket, and a reliable online payment solutions provider that caters to your business needs,” comments Chirnside.

PayU offers entrepreneurs tailor-made products to easily create a successful online business. An example is PayU’s EasyMerchant which allows businesses to accept online credit card and EFT payments by using PayU’s merchant account and processing network.

Since customers pay on PayU’s secure payment capture page, businesses are able to accept online payments without the hassle and cost of ensuring data security and Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance.

“With the assistance of PayU, you can fearlessly start your dream online business allowing you to work from home, set your own hours, choose your own projects and prosper,” concludes Chirnside.