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As a respected academic institution, the Durban University of Technology (DUT) takes pride in applying the latest developments in its ERP system to boost its organisational performance.

That’s why it has upgraded its ITS Integrator solution to the latest version, gaining the advantage of modern software to drive efficiency. In a project lasting just 25 days from kick-off to go-live, DUT successfully migrated to ITS Integrator 3 by 30 September 2013.

Supplied and supported by Adapt IT the ITS Integrator solution is a complete, modular software suitable for small, medium and large institutions. It provides the necessary functionality to enable integrated back-office, as well as self-service functions for students and staff.

According to Hanlie Spangenberg, business development manager (Education) at Adapt IT, ITS Integrator 3 introduces more automation of administrative tasks, enhanced self-service functionality for many functions and improved reporting capabilities.

“DUT is the first site to go live with the new version after extensive beta testing at another of the country’s top academic institutions. In doing so, it is showing its willingness to take advantage of new technology for the benefit of its students and staff alike,” she says.

Krish Jewnarain, Information Systems manager at DUT, says it is a top priority to seek out better ways of managing the organisation.

“Tertiary learning is a complex environment, where students, finances, facilities and staff must be managed effectively and within limited budgets. The success of ITS Integrator in meeting this stringent brief is notable; with compelling new features and improvements, DUT is pleased to be the first to introduce the new system.”

ITS Integrator 3 automates processes that previously required manual intervention and record keeping outside the system. This includes new self-service functionality with the associated workflow routing. The upgraded system allows users in various areas more flexibility and options in doing their work; additional settings and restrictions give system administrators better control over end-user actions and processing.

It includes functionality to restrict access to records in a multiple campus set-up. The upgraded system also facilities better communication, allowing information to be sent directly via email and SMS.

Continuing, Spangenberg says outside of its features and benefits, one of the key advantages of ITS Integrator is the ease with which it is deployed and maintained. “As with previous upgrades, the majority of the project was handled in-house by DUT staff and the upgrade project was done in a very short timeframe.”

From a project kick-off meeting held on the 5th of September 2013, a technical install was completed on a test machine was done. Thereafter, business acceptance testing was done internally by DUT staff; in the first week of the system’s operation, Adapt IT’s ITS specialists will remain on-site to provide go-live support.

“Unlike other enterprise resource planning solutions, ITS Integrator is capable of meeting the demands of complex organisations without requiring endless implementation and upgrade projects.

“While DUT is leading the way with its upgrade to Version 3, the enhancements, features and benefits that are included in the upgrade appeal to all our clients in the education space. More upgrades are therefore expected soon,” Spangenberg concludes.