QlikView has announced that BICS (Belgacom International Carrier Services) is using QlikView with Teradata to analyse more than a terabyte of data each day providing customers with full visibility into their user roaming traffic across 2G/3G/4G networks. 
As a strategic partner for more than 400 Mobile Operators worldwide, BICS needed a way for customers to monitor, trace, and troubleshoot network issues while allowing them to track specific subscribers and pull business and network intelligence reports in near realtime.

To do this, BICS phased out its existing Oracle solution which could not sustain the increased amount of data, merged all relevant data sources into a common data warehouse, and implemented a new solution based on QlikView and Teradata.

The new Mobile Service Management Platform processes more than one-billion records per day and allows users to query the Teradata data warehouse faster and more effectively.

BICS launched the service to its customers under the name “SMART Webvision”. It is unique as it is offering operators a complete and near real-time view on their roaming business enabling them to fine-tune their roaming strategy.

“In our industry instant access to data is paramount and our mobile operator customers must have complete visibility into their network usage at all times,” says Stefaan Paridaens, DWH manager at BICS.

“The new Mobile Service Management Platform transforms the way users access data providing them with the speed of thought analysis from QlikView coupled with the performance and scalability of the Teradata enterprise data warehouse.”

Since the implementation of Mobile Service Management Platform user satisfaction within BICS internal operations has increased significantly due to increased access to data, near real-time processing capabilities, and faster query response times.

Additionally, the displacement of legacy Oracle and BusinessObjects tools with QlikView has helped BICS lower total cost of ownership for its advanced BI and visualisation projects.

“Our partnership with Teradata helps us take customers” big data experience to the next level and BICS” big data platform shows just how powerful that can be for end users,” says Anthony Deighton, CTO and SVP of Products at QlikTech.

“By using QlikView with Teradata’s highly scalable architecture to tap into large data sets, users will gain high performance access without complicated data extracts or data silos. Plus, they maintain all the associative search capabilities of QlikView as well as the ability to explore information freely without being confined to a limited data set or a defined path of questions.”