Mark Davison at Dell’s Technology Camp, Paris – Dell as a company has undergone some dramatic transformation over the past two years and this is expected to continue once the dust from the company’s MBO settles.

John Coulston, director, global commercial channel, emerging markets at Dell, says that in 12 years at the company he’s seen a lot, but that the last two years have been particularly exciting.

“Dell as a company today is very different to what it was two years ago,” Coulston says. “Two years isn’t a long time and in my 12 years at Dell I’ve seen a lot, but the last two years … we’ve seen a new end-to-end strategy … the business has been transformed and it’s now all about how we deploy the benefits of this via our channel partners.”

So does he think the situation could change with the buyout of the company by founder Michael Dell and Silver Lake? Not at all, Coulston says.

“Michael Dell was the driving force behind the new structure, behind the transformation over the past couple of years and I absolutely expect everything to remain in place come November when we’ve gone through all the hurdles. I absolutely expect the structures to be the same and, if anything, reinforced.

“There is huge energy within Dell about the future and it is a great thing to be part of,” Coulston says.