Samsung Electronics SA has partnered with Mindset Network to help learners nationwide with revision and guidance to master concepts in subjects such as mathematics and science.

Users with an eligible Samsung Galaxy device will be able to access Samsung’s Learning Hub and browse free content and revision material for Grades 10 to 12 until 31 December 2013.

Craige Fleischer, director of Mobile Communications at Samsung Electronics SA says, “We believe that education is a cornerstone to achieving economic growth in South Africa. The partnership with Mindset Network therefore presents an opportunity for us to make educational tools available via our Learning Hub, to support learners and teachers across the country, during their year-end exam preparations.”

This partnership will enable learners to access critical educational lessons anytime and anywhere. Mindset educational content is aligned to the national curriculum and expert teachers tackle problematic topics as identified by the Department of Basic Education.

The Mindset television channel largely broadcasts lessons for Grade 10 to Grade 12 covering mathematics, physical sciences, life sciences, geography, accounting, English FAL, IT and history.

The support includes audio-visual and print material which has been made available through Samsung’s Learning Hub. Segments have been created in bite size pieces to allow for easy on-line usage, and adapted from past test papers, a video to explain the concept and then a full answer layout as you would expect to see in an exam paper.

This allows the learner to test themselves and then be taught, both visually and in text, to fully grasp complex concepts and understand how to answer a particular type of question.

With this methodology, the learner is empowered to choose a specific area of revision that they need assistance with and customise their revision experience, while having access to other areas to test their overall knowledge and understanding of a topic or subject.

The Learning Hub offers more than 1 000 revision questions in preparation for upcoming final exams, to instil confidence and knowledge of specific topics and concepts.

“Mobile technology will change the South African educational environment in profound ways; learning will no longer happen only in the classroom, it will transform the experience both inside and outside the school,” says Roith Rajpal, CEO of Mindset Network.

“Mindset educational television channel is programmed to support teachers and learners by providing revision lessons after school, on weekends and during school holidays.”

“Education is a shared responsibility and we trust that this partnership demonstrates the possibilities that exist when the best content meets the best breed of technology,” adds Fleischer.

During the promotion period, 50% of the content can be accessed at no cost, where course material retails for R8.37 per piece. The revision resource focuses on providing overviews and summaries of the most difficult and yet important sections of the exam paper.

Seventy two live shows are scheduled across four channels: DSTV, Top TV, ETV’s new Open View HD and Sentech’s Freevision channel. They will feature the Samsung Note 10.1, Learning Hub and instructions on how to get the content at the beginning of the show, with a live demonstration.