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Glenn Fullerton has resigned as CEO of the MB Technologies group.

Earlier in 2013 Fullerton was involved in a serious cycling accident and has been through a period of recuperation over the past couple of months. Fullerton’s recovery has, however, not been at the pace anticipated. He has therefore reconsidered his position, deciding to focus fully on his recovery and resign from his position as group CEO.

“In his almost 14 years with the group, Glenn has made a significant contribution to its growth and has been instrumental in building the group’s powerful financing and distribution capacity that has allowed the group to become one of the largest IT distributors in Africa. He has displayed great loyalty and a high work ethic throughout his tenure,” says Kobus Viljoen, non-executive chairman of the MBT Group.

“Glenn will be missed by his peers and colleagues. He is a highly regarded executive and has run the group with the highest levels of integrity and financial discipline. We are sad to see him leave but are fortunate that he is available to the group in transitionary matters until 31 January 2014.

“We hope that he recovers fully from his accident and wish him all the best in his future endeavours,” adds Richard Tunstall, non-executive director of the group.

Says Fullerton: “I am thankful for the opportunities that the group has provided me and for the part that I have played in the group’s development through changing economic and technological landscapes. I wish the group every success in the future.”

Pieter Rorich, a former non-executive director of the group, has stepped in as acting CEO. The group will make an announcement regarding Fullerton’s successor in due course.