Ontology Systems has announced the launch of its partner programme, aimed at recruiting data integration specialists across the globe.

Ontology, which provides technology that replaces traditional lengthy integration projects by making enterprise data 100% consumable and accessible, offers lower risk, cost and improved innovation to organisations. It is looking to expand from its heritage in the telecommunications sector by recruiting partners which can help sectors make better use of their data.

“For too long, channel partners have been involved in data integration projects for their customers that sap time, energy and all too often fail to show ROI,” says Martin James, VP Global Sales, Ontology Systems.
“Ontology’s proposition is about bringing the power, simplicity and speed of search to business applications across the enterprise rather than trying to integrate data; after all, you wouldn’t dream of integrating the internet when search engines do the job much better. We do the same for enterprise data and are looking for partners to help organisations make better use of their data faster and more cost-effectively, speeding up innovation.”

Ontology has a single-tier, multi-level partner programme, where channel partners are rewarded and supported depending on the level of revenue they generate.

Silver partners have access to training, technical support and non-sales versions of the software, whereas organisations at the Gold tier receive leads from Ontology’s sales team, joint marketing events and co-branded collateral, input into product development and discount on consultancy services.

“The partnership with Ontology provides us with an edge in a fast growing, and vitally important market place – the ability to find and connect accurate and meaningful data amongst a sea of data spread across systems when you need it and turn it into intelligent information at a fraction of the cost of traditional data integration approaches,” says Johann Evans, chief technology officer at Ontology partner Cherry Olive.

“According to research, more than eight in 10 (83%) of organisations do not expect to see ROI on traditional data integration projects within one year – but there is an alternative. It’s simply not financially feasible to continue investing as much as 25% of total IT budget into projects where the organisation will not see any return.

“Semantic search represents a quicker, more cost effective, smarter way of working where all data in the enterprise is universally accessible. We’re working to support our partners as they help customers move from a place where data holds back the business to providing the insight and information to drive the business forward,” concludes James.

Recent recruits to the Ontology partner programme include TXM, PanOptic Technology, Bateleur Holdings Group and Cherry Olive.