Oracle has announced Oracle Utilities Data Model, a pre-built standards-based data warehouse schema and set of business intelligence dashboards designed to help utilities analyze growing smart grid and other enterprise data and quickly drive new business intelligence and discovery.

With Oracle Utilities Data Model, utilities can quickly implement an enterprise data warehouse platform that is both adaptable and extendable for cross-domain reporting, analytics and data mining.

Pre-built and integrated with Oracle Data Warehousing, Oracle Business Intelligence, and Oracle Engineered Systems, Oracle Utilities Data Model is optimized to help utilities become more information-driven.

Utilities can rapidly implement a sophisticated data warehousing and analytics platform:
* Pre-built OLAP cubes and mining models;
* More than 670 tables with 4 800 columns and 1 300 measures;
* Rich BI metadata, sample dashboards and reports with over 80 KPIs; and
* 3NF-based physical data models.

Based on the Common Information Model (CIM), a standard developed by the electric power industry and officially adopted by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), the Oracle Utilities Data Model can be used as a foundation for utility use cases like Revenue Protection, Meter Data Analysis, Credit and Collections, Demand Response, Outage Analysis and Transformer Load Management.

“Utilities are increasingly looking for ways to address growing needs around data management.

“Whether it is smart meters, digitised grid devices, social media, or other data sources, utilities must find ways to address these rapidly converging forces and develop the capabilities they need to turn data into an impactful business tool for innovation, empowerment, customer excellence, and operational efficiency,” says Juan Rada, senior vice president Oracle Public Sector, Education, Health Sciences & Utilities Industries Business Unit.

“OUDM provides utilities a solid foundation for business and operational analytics across the enterprise.”

“As the newest addition to our industry data model portfolio, Oracle Utilities Data Model is a standards-based enterprise data warehouse solution tailored to accelerate the collection and analysis of data of all types, empowering utilities to improve their businesses with data-driven optimisation, while delivering analytics consistently and cost effectively across the enterprise,” says Çetin Özbütün senior VP, Data Warehousing and Big Data Technologies, Oracle.