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Hitachi Data Systems Corporation has announced its expansion of Hitachi solutions for SAP at SAP TechEd and a new European consumption model for procuring technology that runs SAP HANA. The enhanced portfolio includes solutions specifically designed for the performance, business continuity, data protection, and scalability of SAP-enabled platforms.
The new consumption model is for EMEA only and offers customers the ability to scale their use of SAP HANA through a per-node-per-month solution for three to five years, based on Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform. For example customers can deploy four nodes (at 512Gb each) with the upgrade option to 16 nodes for R34 486.20 for 48 months.

This offers customers a flexible pricing option whereby they have complete cost visibility of their SAP environment and unmatched performance and scalability.

“We are deeply committed to enabling our SAP customers to maximise their investments in SAP solutions like SAP HANA platform and offer a new way for them to invest in it which is both flexible and scalable,” says Wayne Dick, business development manager sub-Saharan Africa, Hitachi Data Systems.

“Our new consumption model is unique to our EMEA customers and allows them to enjoy the benefits of SAP HANA platform with a clear and predictable cost overview. Our new solutions provide high-performing, real-time analytics, mission-critical ERP, and scalable cloud architectures, all while protecting data with robust business continuity for 24/7 mission-critical application delivery.

“HDS has over two decades of experience delivering highly reliable solutions for SAP environments, and we look forward to continuing to partner with SAP to help our customers to foster innovation and competitive advantage.”

The latest Hitachi Data Systems solutions and capabilities, designed to accelerate SAP time-to-value, application performance, and mission-critical data availability, are:

* Hitachi Unified Compute Platform (UCP) Select for the SAP HANA Platform, SAP Business Suite on HANA solutions – SAP customers making the transition to SAP Business Suite on HANA can now run ERP workloads on Hitachi Converged Platform optimised for workload-specific performance, reliability, and support for disaster recovery.

The SAP-certified Hitachi UCP Select for the SAP HANA Platform, SAP Business Suite solution – available in 1Tb, 2Tb and 4Tb editions – enables rapid deployment for Business Suite on SAP HANA.

* Capability for Hitachi UCP Select for SAP HANA – SAP customers with large data analytic requirements are now able to benefit from the latest certification of 1Tb nodes for SAP HANA environments. Now, UCP for SAP HANA supports up to 16Tb of realtime analytical workloads or up to 80Tb of uncompressed, traditional data.

* Hitachi UCP Select for SAP HANA with Hitachi TrueCopy Synchronous Replication for SAP HANA for disaster recovery – Hitachi has certified Hitachi TrueCopy, a continuous, non-disruptive, host-independent remote data replication solution for SAP HANA persistent storage data protection, for mission-critical SAP HANA environments that depend on second site failover to maintain SAP HANA data availability.

* Hitachi Accelerated Flash for business warehouses on SAP HANA – Hitachi UCP Select for the SAP HANA Platform supports Hitachi Accelerated Flash for enterprises, providing non-volatile memory, environmental characteristics (power and space), and is up to 46% lower cost per bit, improving overall performance for business warehouses on SAP HANA.

* SAP HANA tailored data centre integration – Hitachi offers the availability and support to run SAP HANA in a customer’s tailored server and storage combination to reduce hardware and operational costs.
Hitachi customers have the flexibility to deploy SAP HANA using Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) or Hitachi Unified Storage VM in conjunction with their preferred SAP HANA server and hardware vendor selections to optimise time-to-value.

* Hitachi storage product line integration with SAP NetWeaver Landscape Virtualisation Management 2.0, enterprise edition – SAP customers moving their on-premises solutions to the cloud are able to provide better support for their cloud-based SAP Landscapes with Hitachi storage integration with SAP NetWeaver Landscape Virtualisation Management 2.0, enterprise edition.

* Hitachi UCP Select for the SAP HANA Platform integration with Symantec NetBackup – SAP HANA customers are able to add further protection for the HANA database with Hitachi UCP Select for the SAP HANA Platform integration with Symantec NetBackup. This new solution helps to protect customers against data loss due to disk failures or database corruption.

* Hitachi reference architecture for Apache Hadoop big data infrastructure based on Cloudera Hadoop distribution – SAP HANA customers seeking additional business value from their corporate data can centre their Hadoop strategy around a Hitachi reference architecture based on Hitachi x86 rack servers and the Cloudera Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS).
SAP HANA customers can now quickly deploy a tailored big data solution with specific guidelines based on Hitachi engineering test methodologies with predictable and reliable results.

* Hitachi reference architecture for deploying SAP ERP 3-Tier using VMware vSphere 5.1, Hitachi x86 blade servers and Hitachi Unified Storage VM – Hitachi provides guidelines for the deployment of SAP ERP with the flexibility to optimally leverage compute and storage resources with the incorporation of VMware vSphere for production environments and non-production environments.