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At Fujitsu Forum, Fujitsu has announced significant milestones in its comprehensive range of globally-available offerings for the SAP HANA platform – including Fujitsu’s 300th customer installation of SAP HANA, the introduction of SAP HANA on the Fujitsu Global Cloud Platform and the general availability of its latest fully-virtualised FlexFrame eco-system for running the SAP ERP application on SAP HANA.
In achieving its 300th installation of SAP HANA on customer premises, Fujitsu is among the vanguard of global ICT vendors who are leading the way with successful large-scale implementations of the in-memory technology.

With a growing base of global customers depending on Fujitsu to install and manage their complete SAP HANA-based infrastructures, Fujitsu is also extending its portfolio by introducing a cloud-based offering consisting of SAP HANA running on the Fujitsu Global Cloud Platform.

Underlining its global capabilities in providing full end-to-end services for SAP customers, Fujitsu is also a SAP-certified provider of cloud services using SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud.

Whether new to SAP HANA or already benefiting from the real-time decision-making capabilities offered by in-memory technology, enterprises get a compelling value-add thanks to the new FUJITSU Cloud for SAP HANA.

Because Fujitsu’s Cloud provides an optimised platform for development and exploration of projects with SAP HANA, organisations can now more easily test the power of in-memory technology, realtime decision-making and alternative scenario modelling.

Pre-existing Fujitsu templates for implementing SAP HANA on the Fujitsu Global Cloud Platform help enable same-day cloud-based implementations. Overall, Fujitsu’s offerings provide enterprises with the opportunity to innovate simpler and faster, supported by smarter decision-making.

For companies considering in-memory computing, Fujitsu Cloud for SAP HANA provides a new opportunity to experience the benefits of cloud-based real-time computing, without any upfront investments in infrastructure and operations. Companies already running SAP HANA will profit from Fujitsu’s enhancements to both choice and flexibility in scaling their in-memory applications.

On a global scale, Fujitsu now also offers GEMS (Global Enterprise Management Services), helping customers to radically reduce operating costs for their SAP solutions by shifting to a “pay-as-you-use” model for SAP software environments.

Fujitsu GEMS reduces customer capital expenditure and improves service levels, application performance and reliability by combining Fujitsu’s competence in SAP solutions with its global delivery centres and private cloud platforms.

An extensive range of services are included in the Fujitsu GEMS suite, from support for an individual SAP software module to fully-managed application maintenance services and infrastructure management services.

At Fujitsu Forum 2013 in Munich, Fujitsu also announces new enterprise-class data centre solutions designed to enable organisations to get the best performance from sophisticated SAP-based environments.

Fujitsu’s FlexFrame Orchestrator for SAP solutions is now available to order with immediate effect. FlexFrame Orchestrator builds on Fujitsu’s 10-year heritage in managing fully-virtualised system environments running SAP ERP, and it delivers consolidated support for systems running SAP ERP and SAP HANA landscapes in a single scalable appliance.