Teradata has announced it has again been placed in the Leaders quadrant of the newest Gartner Integrated Marketing Management (IMM) Magic Quadrant report. The report was published by Kimberly Collins, research VP, and Adam Sarner, research director, CRM, at Gartner, on 31 October 2013.

According to the Gartner report, Integrated Marketing Management (IMM) “represents the marketing strategy, process automation and technologies required to integrate people, processes and technologies across the marketing ecosystem. Leaders in the IMM market have clients that have adopted their solutions as the primary vendor and platform to support all marketing roles and functions.

“These vendors deliver breadth and depth of integrated marketing functionality. Leaders successfully articulate business propositions that resonate with marketing buyers, particularly CMOs and marketing executives. Emphasis is placed on MPM and process integration across marketing.”

“Teradata clearly is shaping and leading the IMM market, which continues to grow rapidly due to increasing demand from multinational brands for global, cloud-based data-driven marketing solutions that integrate data and analytics to enhance the customer brand experience,” says Volker Wiewer, VP, International, Teradata Applications.

“Because of its proven strategic products and visionary leadership, Teradata serves as a trusted advisor to these brands, helping them achieve better customer engagement and faster top-line growth.”

Teradata recently announced enhanced capabilities around its IMM solutions, including Data-Driven Marketing delivered in the cloud; a cloud version of Teradata Customer Interaction Manager, which is part of its Campaign Management solution; and the latest release of Master Data Manager, an analytical application that helps enterprises achieve a “single view” of their customer data.

Additionally, Teradata Applications’ CMO Lisa Arthur has just published a book, Big Data Marketing, as further proof of Teradata’s visionary thought leadership in the IMM category.