Westcon Security Solutions – Electronic is pleased to announce the availability of a new generation of Sony camera, by way of the C Series 720P HD Wide-angle camera.

According to Sony the cameras mark a breakthrough in the market for reasonably priced, fully-featured and highly-sophisticated digital cameras that are easy to deploy and are ideal for customers of all sizes looking to set up effective security in their shops, offices and storage facilities.

Available in two models of C series cameras, namely the SNC-CX600 and SNC-CX600W, the cameras boast Sony’s original IPELA ENGINE EX, its integrated signal processing system allowing for the cameras to delivery high-resolution imaging even in low light and high contrast scenes.

The cameras have an integrated PIR sensor for detecting movement in both day and night, a white LED for illumination in the dark and a bi-directional audio function. It also has a micro SD for edge storage slot, is cloud-enabled for remote storage, and is viewable on smart phone devices running on IOS and Android OS. The SNC-CX600W also comes complete with WiFi network connectivity.