The Department of Communications is moving forward to advance it commitments regarding broadband rollout in South Africa.

Last week, the department hosted an inter-governmental forum (IGF) in Pretoria to discuss the Broadband Policy and provide an update on Schools Connectivity, Broadcast Digital Migration and the Green Paper on the ICT Policy Review.

The meeting was attended by ministers, Communications deputy minister, Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams, provincial MECs, chairmen and CEOs of state-owned companies, senior national and provincial government officials and senior leaders of the South African Local Government Association.

“Today’s attendance and participation highlights the importance that all the stakeholders attach to this process. We are encouraged that everyone understands that they have a contribution to make in helping the country achieve its goals. We need the cooperation of all players across all spheres of government to ensure that we implement all these key projects of national importance,” says Minister of Communications Yunus Carrim.

Carrim adds that the department is going to host the IGF quarterly to review progress and implementation plans of the programmes.

“There is support for the broadband policy and strategy with the acknowledgement that more detail needs to be put into the plan. We’ll add detail over the next few months as we continue to consult,” he says.

“We welcome the initiative of some provinces in rolling out broadband. What they are doing is consistent with national policy.”