Westcon-Comztek has been officially confirmed as a First Line Distributor of Microsoft Finished Box products.

As per its appointment as a First Line Distributor of all Microsoft box products, or Full Package Products (FPP), all Comztek customers will be able to take full advantage of a host of additional services as well as improved stock control and availability.

“This is a significant announcement for our partners because as a First Line Distributor of Microsoft products, partners who purchase from us can claim rebate funds as well as take advantage of additional value through improved stock availability,” says Rentia Booysen at Comztek Consumer Solutions, a division of Westcon-Comztek.

According to Booysen, the announcement will also afford the company the opportunity to be more competitive in its pricing, as well as improve its ability for stock availability. In so far as the aforementioned rebate, resellers will now be able to claim a full rebate on their marketing co-op funds for all products purchased through Comztek Consumer Solutions.

In addition, resellers, retailers and partners will be able to tap into the value added promise of the Westcon-Comztek group. This includes access to its service desk and help line, support areas and technical expertise.

“While we currently boast an excellent track record for delivery on all the Microsoft products and solutions we supply our resellers, we are delighted to be able to unpack even further value to our loyal customers, and in turn help them grow their own business through our appointment as a First Line Distributor,” ends Booysen.