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Capillary Technologies, a leading provider of cloud software solutions that help businesses to engage intelligently with their customers through mobile, social and in-store channels, has announced its entry into the South African market with new offices in Johannesburg and a strategic new partnership with Blue Label Engage for their turnkey (direct to consumer) retail customer engagement solution.
With industry leaders such as Benetton, Jack Wills, Marks & Spencer, Nicole Miller, Nike, Puma, Nokia, Pizza Hut and KFC on its international client roster, Capillary’s cloud platform integrates everything that retail marketers and operators require to engage with their customers, weaving social and mobile experiences into virtually any point of sale device, from legacy terminals to the latest POS devices and mobile tablets.

Capillary’s suite of Intelligent Customer Engagement solutions offers realtime loyalty, high quality data capture, actionable analytics, instant cross-sell solutions, and instant shopper gratification to generate significant ROI within weeks of implementation.

Capillary is already working with South African retailers like Keedo, UMS and Roots to help them drive better customer loyalty, superior sales growth and a definitive competitive advantage.

Blue Label Engage is part of the JSE listed, Blue Label Telecoms Limited now in its 12th year of trading and with an annual revenue of over R19-billion. The Group boasts a distribution footprint of over 150 000 points of presence in South Africa and is a leading distributor of airtime and electricity through physical and virtual pre-paid solutions.

Through its monthly interaction with millions of consumers it has become highly trusted by South Africa’s leading companies in assisting with driving consumer acquisition and loyalty, through Consumer Engagement Solutions, delivered by Blue Label Engage.

“We are very excited with our latest presence in South Africa and to have Blue Label Engage as one of our key partners,” says Aneesh Reddy, co-founder and CEO of Capillary Technologies.

“Retailers in South Africa are hugely interested in state-of-the-art loyalty and customer relationship management (CRM) solutions and will benefit greatly from the proven best practices that Capillary and this partnership offers, leveraging technology to drive revenue.

“Having a presence in Johannesburg will enable us to better serve our growing South African client base. As the African continent’s largest economy and biggest recipient of foreign direct investment, South Africa is the logical point of departure for our expansion plans across the continent.”

Changing retail dynamics have altered the definition of CRM solutions in today’s world. Retailers in South Africa realise the importance of shedding one-size-fits-all ways of thinking. They want to understand and connect with customers personally, gain mindshare among consumers and influence purchase decisions to drive revenue growth and profitability.

Capillary’s global experience and inherent cloud advantages bring tremendous opportunities for consumer-facing businesses in South Africa to tap into emerging global best practices from the Americas, Europe and Asia-Pacific, and achieve significant top-line performance improvement through Capillary and Blue Label’ “Retail Engage” solution.

“Capillary is a great strategic partner for us and we look forward to working with them as they extend their offerings to help retailers capitalise on Intelligent CRM and integrated engagement solutions in South Africa,” says John Shaw, marketing director of Blue Label Engage.

“Their enterprise solutions and technological expertise allows us to extend Blue Label’s core capabilities, ensuring we deliver best practices and demand-execution services to our extensive retail client base, as well as expanding our Retail Engage solution to a wider customer base.

“We believe Capillary’s global reach and enviable client base, strong reputation, innovative technology and solutions will assist us in delivering immeasurable value to the South African retail sector.”