JunkMail.co.za has recently launched a trader platform that allows small business to create and run a virtual shop front using the classifieds site.

“Our trader platform on Junk Mail allows small business owners – whether they are selling cakes out of their home kitchen or marketing ball bearings to vintage car collectors – to create a branded microsite on our platform,” says Francois Labuschagne, product and marketing manager of Junk Mail.

“This gives the business great visibility, because they are essentially buying access to a very active community of millions of shoppers and a ready-made high online ranking.”

Every business owner knows the importance of owning and managing a Web site to promote their goods and services, but very few can afford it. The e-market has become flooded and often times it takes months of investment and promotion to drive adequate traffic to a site. Junk Mail, as one of the largest and most active classifieds sites in South Africa, can provide the much-needed visitors a small business owner needs.

“This gives the owner the opportunity to potentially reach customers on a national level,” says Labuschagne.

State-of-the-art mobile integration means that traders can manage their accounts on the go – uploading new photographs, adjusting ads and responding to queries. Traders can opt for either a free or paid for trader account.

“All of our ads offer full social media integration – which means that you can tap into your own social media community and give your ads an extra boost. Photographs can be uploaded easily via mobile phones, and ads can be changed at any time,” says Labuschagne.

The ads appearing on the site are further distributed to a wider community on MXit, using Junk Mail’s popular Junk Mail Xchange app.

“This is a great way to reach the 18-25 year old demographic,” says Labuschagne.

Labuschagne challenges all business owners to sign up for a free account. “There is nothing to lose by creating a free account, but a lot to gain.”