Marval South Africa has bolstered its education and training offering with the introduction of a corporate strategy and service management workshop tailored to the business needs of the corporate sector, medium-sized business and individual professionals.

With the introduction of the workshop, the company aims to provide directors, executives, IT executives and service management professionals with insight, guidance and practical experience when looking at their organisation’s corporate strategy.

Says Edward Carbutt, executive director at Marval SA, “Technology, education and consultancy collectively form a triumvirate that allows candidates to actively contribute to the shaping and influencing of successful ITSM projects within the organisation, further leading to business and general stakeholder value.”

Carbutt adds, “It is essential for organisations to understand that service management is a vital component yet can only be fully leveraged with on-going training and education. This ensures organisations deliver consistently improved service to customers, especially in constantly changing times, work environments and customer expectations.”

The workshop addresses three aspects within Corporate strategy and service management, namely:

* Preparing a business case to propose and defend relationships between a corporate strategy, a service management system, business value and general stakeholder value. Weakness in one of these elements will lead to weaknesses in other elements.

* How to develop and/or influence a corporate strategy and how a strong corporate strategy will lead to a strong service management system and contribute to a desired business value.

* How to plan a service management system.

“The Corporate strategy and service management workshop is based on the King III principles, which is the foundation of future practices related to IT, Risk, Governance and Service Management,” says Carbutt.

Carbutt says King III principles impact a variety of business practices including, but not limited to governance of the enterprise, governance of Information Technology (IT), and the issue of business value.

“King III also refers to the duty of strategic planning by directors. The role of directors in a corporate strategy will become more important as the culture of enterprise governance grows,” he adds.

As part of the workshop, a discussion of key elements will generate ideas of which the attendee can take back and apply within the working environment. The two-day workshop incorporates theory, practical discussions and group sessions around a number of relevant aspects.

“The workshop is structured, interactive and collective whereby attendees discuss views and experiences from a variety of different industries. This in-turn provides insight on the topic of the workshop. Marval South Africa is also ready to assist attendees with our consultancy unit where any planning and implementation matters may arise,” adds Carbutt.