Ideco, an established leader in the application of biometric technology and Southern Africa’s primary distributor of Morpho fingerprint biometric solutions, has partnered with education software provider, EduAdmin and access control manufacturer, Controlsoft, in the rollout of infrastructure to make life easier for learners.

In September this year Ideco formed part of a Project to implement an advanced biometric identification systems at a school in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal. The academic institution, which accommodates 1 200 students, required a system to help regulate and manage its tuck-shop facility – particularly at POS (point of sale).

To date everything was conducted manually, including the high volume of tuck-shop sales. A credible, easily-managed but effective identification system was required to address operational issues including long queues, human error, incomplete or inaccurate sales and the risk of cash on site.

In addition to the integration of EduAdmin Biometric Cashless Vending Solution Software, the School also implemented and linked Morpho biometric fingerprint readers. This means that each student is identified by their fingerprint and can thereby automatically open a tuck-shop account with their available balance. Any new items required can be quickly scanned and included on the account.

Marius Coetzee, MD at Ideco, says the EduAdmin Project this is a good example of how biometric security and identification systems are adding value in retail.

“Retail is certainly a high growth market and there are many examples in which the application of biometric solutions effectively addresses operational challenges, both in terms of daily practice and those perpetuated by technology,” says Coetzee.

Biometric infrastructure is gaining popularity across various industries he continues.

“It is easily integrated, robust, accurate and secure, which adds to its appeal in environments that are not necessarily technology-focused or technology centric. It is also flexible, which means it can integrate with existing systems without any complex customisation or additional skill sets required.”

As the leader in identification technology, Ideco is focused on educating the market about the value of credible, recognised solutions (that prescribe to domestic and international standards) and the reality of the risk associated with product that does not comply with industry regulations and standards.

The Company describes identity fraud as part of daily life and suggests that there is no value in deploying technology that will not contribute to a potential forensic investigation.

The truth is that only one modal (fingerprint) is regarded as mature and available for commercial deployment, and there are only a selected few brands that are tested, proven and chosen for the South African conditions Coetzee adds.

For staff and pupils at the Durban high school, the integration of Morpho biometric fingerprint technology adds substantial value.

The new system will enable a far more efficient tuck shop operation and is expected to lead to more revenue for the retail outlet and the school.

For the individual learner, the system offers a significant amount of value because there is no longer any reason to carry money and therefore no risk of monies being stolen or lost.

Ultimately there is significantly more control achieved. Parents can receive online reports on purchases their child made and also has the ability to block certain items they would not like purchased.

Heidi Bentley, executive director, EduAdmin, says that the partnership between Controlsoft and Ideco share a passion for technology that makes a significant difference to operations.

“The integration of Ideco’s biometric scanners, Controlsoft’s access control infrastructure and EduAdmin systems adds enormous value to the general day-to-day operations. It is a powerful example of what can be achieved when expertise are applied with the right technology,” says Bentley.