NFS Technology has announced the local availability of its next-generation business-centric application, Rendezvous Workspace, a software solution that provides a host of automated features for the management of meeting spaces, video conferencing facilities, audio visual technology, reception/visitor handling and parking.

This is according to Nicolette Kruger, GM of NFS Technology, who says the new solution gives the end-user the power to efficiently manage all meeting requirements and resources “across any number of locations”.

“In terms of its design, the software inherently allows employees to embrace flexibility and work on the move, a phenomenon that is occurring more and more these days in our digital age. Worker mobility is not just an easily bandied-about catchphrase; the phenomenon of the mobile worker is now truly with us.

“Because of the operational efficiency provided by Rendezvous Workspace, companies can cut costs – at the same time cutting down drastically on their carbon footprint, an issue that is becoming also increasingly important in the corporate play pen.”

Rendezvous Workspace also has full Outlook and Active Directory integration capabilities and provides a number of features, including: the ability to report or book all resources through Outlook; manage all meetings and resources using a realtime 24/7 interface; assist reception to increase the speed and efficiency of visitor) bookings; deliver mission-critical scheduling information to staff on the move; schedule multi-location meetings across different time zones, including all notifications; and capture all costs and charge backs related to meetings and resource bookings for measurement and reporting.

Kruger says NFS Technology, in 2003, was one of the first companies to launch a browser-based scheduling solution – Rendezvous Workspace.

“This version of Rendezvous Workspace is our next-generation technology platform, designed for flexible working patterns – including hot desk support, mobile integration and global time zone support.

“It enables the management of multiple resources using a single solution and, most importantly, the flexibility to offer an organization total control of the workflow and management of different resource types such as rooms, car parking, catering and video conferencing.”

With over 1 000 clients worldwide and boasting a dedicated and professional team, NFS Technology is well-positioned as a technology partner, working with many leading international companies, including in the USA EMEA, the Far East and South Africa.