Truteq Devices, one of the leading wireless specialists in South Africa, is continuing with the introduction of new products for its growing range of wireless products and solutions, this time introducing the analogue camera interface.

According to Derick Roberts, CEO of Truteq Devices, the specialised camera, or camera interface, “is an analogue camera interface that takes the place of a DVR or NVR”.

It simply converts analogue video into Ethernet – which is streamed across the Internet to a hosted back-end. “It is a completely wireless solution offering an almost endless array of solutions,” says Roberts.

Installed at the back-end are specialised routers, which essentially form the back-bone over which the images are sent. The specialised camera can be installed at the client’s premises or at a chosen remote site, with “recording” taking place on the Truteq-hosted back-end service.

Says Roberts, “Arguably one of the main advantages of this camera interface is that, depending on the application, it is not always possible to place a DVR remotely due to the possibility of theft. With this solution, no DVR is required.”

“The solution is suited to a wide array of applications – and for a wide range of market sectors. It can, for example, be used by farmers for a slew of verification applications.

“For instance, to inform farmers if remote automation is working, or not. Essentially, it can be used to assist farmers to increase efficiencies –and avoid potentially costly disasters – by remotely informing them of problems, such as if the irrigation system has been activated or not, is running in the wrong place, or running longer than it should.

“Security, for instance, has a million applications, such as incident affirmation, automation in general, systems and process verification, and fire control and management.”