DIGIprint, the authorised Xerox distributor in Zambia, has broadened its offering to customers with the purchase of a Xerox Wide Format IJP 2000 press – the first on the continent – from Bytes Document Solutions, the authorised Xerox distributor in 26 countries in sub-Saharan Africa.

The purchase was driven by a growing demand for affordable wide format printing, as well as shorter turnaround times and high-quality print products.

“Buying the first IJP 2000 press in Africa positions DIGIprint to provide a unique offering in the Zambian market,” says Christos Diakosavas, MD of DIGIprint. “We pride ourselves on the unique value added solutions we bring to our customers. The new press gives us a huge competitive advantage as there has been no wide format capability in our market due to the traditionally high cost of this type of printing.”

The IJP 2000, with its Memjet inkjet technology, allows DIGIprint to print at a rate that is more cost-effective than traditional wide format printing. With the growing demand for large indoor posters, signs, point-of-purchase graphics and banners, the IJP 2000 also gives DIGIprint the extra speed needed to produce more jobs faster.

Part of the challenge of wide format jobs is they can create a significant speed bump in the work process, which impacts profitability. That’s why Xerox designed the IJP 2000 with an uninterrupted operation right into the printer. It completes jobs more than 40 times faster than comparable wide format systems. This increased speed means printers can accept and produce more jobs, including last-minute requests.

“The retail value of wide format printing is increasing exponentially,” says Olivier Merven, regional manager for Africa, Bytes Document Solutions.

“The IJP 2000 is specifically designed to keep printers productive and profitable. By taking advantage of this machine’s capabilities, DIGIprint will be able to realise greater opportunity in wide format runs and easily fit them into its production schedule, enabling increased profitability.”

Diakosavas says that DIGIprint has long been at the forefront of new printing technology implementation in Zambia, which made buying the IJP 2000 a logical next step in the growth of the business.

“The IJP 2002 allows us to maintain market leadership, and gives our customers peace of mind that they dealing with a company that specialises in production printing.”

He adds that DIGIprint prides itself on using Xerox technology because the business can rely on its performance and reliability, which is backed by Xerox’s commitment to customer satisfaction, as well as in-depth industry knowledge.

“DIGIprint’s relationship with Bytes Document Solutions as both a customer and distributor is excellent,” he says. “The company is supportive in all aspects of our business and we have a great synergy that is enabling the ongoing growth of the Xerox brand in Zambia.”

“From Bytes Document Solutions’ perspective, we are confident that this installation will boost DIGIprint’s offering and we are delighted that the first installation on the African continent was carried out in Zambia,” says Merven.