IDC Government Insights has released its top 10 market predictions for 2014. They are:

* Mashups of the four pillars will begin to transform key government services;

* Worldwide government spending on Internet of Things will be $1,2-trillion in 2017;

* By 2018, government will decrease traditional IT spending by 15%, redirecting spending to cloud;

* By 2018, big data and analytics will move from pilots to a top decisioning method;

* Renewed emphasis on connection security is increasing and will drive a 12% CAGR in authentication solutions through 2017;

* Enterprise architecture “primary service areas” will become consolidation points for 20% of cloud services in 2014 (rising to 45% by 2017);

* By 2016, 80% of new government IT investments will involve LOB executives;

* It is time to take a FedRAMP-style approach to mobile compatibility and security;

* Decision quality data will be the foundation for real time decisions, and enabled by cloud, will be the next “Killer App”; and

* In 2014,15% of US cities will fall into the opportunistic stage of smart city maturity.

“While core government values like mission effectiveness, digital engagement, and operational efficiency still resonate as drivers of IT investment, a new tone is emerging in which IT is seen as an opportunity for transformation, innovation, and growth in services,” says Scott Lundstrom, group VP and GM, IDC Government Insights.

“In 2014, governments will focus more on innovative value creation, shifting the role of IT from back-end operations to citizen services, and performance management will be the new lens by which government services are evaluated.”