Ericsson is demonstrating the experience of “Living Life in the Networked Society” at CES 2014.

Visitors to the Ericsson booth can see how different aspects of an everyday connected life are seamlessly stitched together, allowing each of us to share experiences with family, friends and colleagues – no matter where we are and how we are connected.

Ericsson president and CEO Hans Vestberg will participate in the “FutureCast Global Innovation of Mobile” keynote panel today, which will explore how mobile technology is driving change in critical areas such as disruptive innovation, smart cities, transportation, healthcare and the workplace.

In addition, Ericsson and Volvo Cars will host a media event to debut the world-premiere of “Volvo Cars’ Sensus Connect”, built on Ericsson’s Connected Vehicle Cloud. Sensus Connect is Volvo’s onboard experience combining connected services, infotainment, navigation and audio.

Sensus Connect also offers the world’s first car to infrastructure communication feature “Park & Pay” and the US launch of ‘Volvo on Call’ one of the most comprehensive and global telematics solutions allowing the car to be connected.

Ericsson will display five key experience zones attendees to journey through, allowing them to experience “Living Life in the Networked Society:

* Mobile Life – visitors to the Mobile Life zone can explore the connected vehicle, telematics and a personalized package delivery based on location and authentication. The street area showcases small cell solutions for an urban environment, LTE Broadcast, VoLTE-based communications and interactive billboard advertising.

* Working Life – just as mobility changed the idea that a phone number was a place, the Working Life zone shows how users experience their new work place as the office, home, café or even a park bench.

Productivity is no longer a desk in an office, but is now any connected place. Solutions in this zone include WebRTC collaboration, cloud tools, VoLTE-based communication capabilities, M2M management systems and in-building CPE and managed network solutions.

* Game Life – the Game Life zone replicates a basketball arena with bleachers, large video screens and its own basketball court. The solutions in this zone include VoLTE-based communications capabilities, cloud based services for food, tickets upgrades and merchandise, WiFi-LTE handover solutions, advertising solutions and key infrastructure devices for high capacity coverage.

* Home Life – technology brings new opportunities to stay connected. The Home Life zone showcases the next-generation TV experience, a virtual home gateway, VoLTE collaboration tools, cloud gaming, media management and wellness solutions.

* Imagine Life – the Imagine Life zone focuses on visionary solutions that will soon impact how we use communications platforms and how we will interact with them. The solutions will include interactive media, touch based communications, window based solutions, and concepts to use existing communications systems to augment weather forecasting.