Aptronics, one of South Africa’s foremost black empowered IT solutions providers, achieved HP CloudSystem Matrix Delivery status when Gavin Williams received confirmation of his qualification in November as a recognised Matrix Master in both the EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa) and MEMA (Middle East, Mediterranean and Africa) regions.

According to GSD Partner country manager at HP, Juane Celliers, the Master ASE Data Centre and Cloud Architect V1 certification is designed for an elite group of top professionals across the globe and, as such, validates that Williams can expertly present, architect and oversee (at every level) the implementation of a highly-effective converged infrastructure and cloud solution.

This includes both business and technical knowledge and experience.

“Gavin’s certification, which included solution design, build and deployment activities mentored by HP and testing of his knowledge through proctored exams, distinguishes us from our competitors as being able to both provide and implement solutions to customers, making the company a one-stop-shop for HP CloudSystem Matrix and hardware and software integrated services,” says Aptronics CEO, Anil “Appie” Pema.

Steve Dietch, VP at Worldwide Go-To-Market/HP Cloud, says: “Aptronics is the first HP partner in South Africa to achieve this level of certification. Gavin Williams has demonstrated strong CloudSystem Matrix competency in his mentored installation and we have great expectations for him as he delivers these critical services to cloud customers.

“We are proud to have the company as a partner and we are excited about our joint opportunity to sell and deliver HP cloud solutions in South Africa in 2014,” he adds.

“This is a complex qualification to obtain and we hope it reinforces our continued commitment to staff development and service delivery,” concludes Pema.