Specialist ICT services company, ATIO, has been awarded Level 2 B-BBEE Status and has been recognised as a value-adding supplier (VAS) by the BEE Verification Agency, Mazars.

Being a black-owned company contributed to ATIO’s improved status level, which now entitles ATIO’s customers to claim 312.5% recognition of their procurement spend with ATIO for their own B-BBEE certification.

“Black Economic Empowerment has always been a priority for ATIO,” remarks ATIO’s CEO, Chris Van der Sande.

“We are committed to transformation through the staff equity and procurement strategies that form the foundation of our day to day endeavours. At ATIO, we regard training and skills development not as an obligation, but as an investment in the future of not only ATIO, but in South Africa as a whole.”

Van der Sande noted that ATIO’s Level 2 Status and recognition as a VAS will give ATIO a marked advantage over companies that have a lower rating, as ICT customers tend to take supplier ratings into account before making purchasing decisions.

“We believe that what makes ATIO unique is our skills and business ethics. It’s a philosophy that has led us to develop a culture and style different to any other ICT organisation, delivering greater benefits and value to our clients,” concludes Chris Van der Sande.