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When it comes to the implementation of hardware and software in business, it is important to secure harmonious interaction between supplier and purchaser to ensure successful project rollout.

“Effective system integration requires that both parties involved, the supplier and the customer, have an equal understanding of the situation. This is a major challenge, particularly in ensuring close collaboration and co-operation, but it is one that has to be addressed from the outset,” explains Teryl Schroenn, CEO of Accsys.

Accsys is a member of the Business Connexion Group (BCX) and national supplier of people management software and hardware solutions within the HR, payroll and time and attendance space.

The company is positioned at the forefront of project rollout and solution integration within key sectors across Africa, specifically retail, commerce, government and manufacturing.

Schroenn says there is structured project management methodology available to help businesses, but the first priority is to keep channels of communication open. Regular meetings will ensure that deadlines are kept.

“These meetings are required to detail any variations and to make sure everyone understands that variations may push out deadlines on projects. This is a constant issue within projects and requires an intense level of ongoing diplomacy and consultation,” she says.

For this reason Schroenn believes there is a business case for implementing and running parallel with a vanilla version of the project, or a live proof of concept, then adding the customisation to requirements. She adds that this is not always possible, and depends very much on the size and complexity of the project. It is a particularly successful model when rolling out a modular or a multi divisional solution.