Dax Data recently launched Adobe’s Creative Cloud Market, a significant new feature of the Creative Cloud 2014 release.
Presented at events in Johannesburg and Cape Town the release includes Creative Cloud Libraries, numerous updates to 13 CC desktop tools, 9 new mobile apps and a file sharing service – Creative Cloud Extract.

“These exciting new updates see an effortless integration between mobile and desktop. Adobe is setting the bar for mobile innovation and demonstrating key features that will pave the way for the industry in the future,” elaborates Jeremy Matthews, CEO of Dax Data; Authorised Adobe Distributor.

This release includes powerful new features for Adobe’s creative desktop tools: Touch support on Windows 8 devices; new 3D print features in Photoshop CC; interactive EPUB support in InDesign CC and SVG; and Synchronized Text support in Muse CC.

Building on the success of Creative Cloud for Teams’ capabilities such as file sharing, Behance and TypeKit – new services include:

* Creative Cloud Market – a collection of high-quality, curated content that’s freely accessible to Creative Cloud members. Users can access and use thousands of professionally crafted files, including user interfaces, patterns, icons, brushes and vector shapes, to speed through desktop and mobile projects.
* Creative Cloud Libraries – a powerful asset management service that lets creatives access and create with colours, brushes, text styles, and vector images easily through Creative Cloud desktop, mobile apps and services. Creative Cloud Libraries connect desktop tools such as Photoshop CC and Illustrator CC to each other and to companion mobile apps.
* Creative Cloud Extract – a cloud-based service that reinvents the Photoshop CC comp-to-code workflow for web designers and developers, letting them share and unlock vital design information from a PSD file (such as colours, fonts and CSS) to use when coding mobile and desktop designs.

The launch event was a great success for both Dax Data and Adobe, demonstrating how these innovative apps and features are paving the way for an integrated mobile to desktop workflow across print, web and video.