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Paragon Software Group, a leading multi-platform dictionary applications developer for mobiles, tablets and PCs, announces the release of the new Oxford Learner’s Thesaurus app for iPhone and iPad users.

The app helps with understanding the differences between similar words in written and spoken English enabling learners of English to enrich their vocabulary and to find the right words to say exactly what they mean.

Each entry has a group of 3-10 synonyms with the meaning clearly explained, together with additional help with, for example, grammar and register. An example sentence shows how each synonym is used in a particular situation. Notes highlight and explain synonyms that are particularly close in meaning or easily confused, so the user chooses the right word for their context.

For example, the Oxford Learner’s Thesaurus helps users understand the differences between familiar words such as easy and simple, while learning words they may not know such as effortless, painless, and plain sailing.

The Oxford Learner’s Thesaurus offers:
* Over 17 000 synonyms and opposites with clear explanations;
* Alphabetical index, making it easy to find the word users are looking for;
* Real British and American voices pronounce the words and their synonyms;
* 30 pre-loaded topics with useful word lists users can add to or edit;
* Option to create and organize your own lists of favourite words;
* Notes to identify the exact difference between similar words;
* Guidance on the most frequently used synonym;
* Help with choosing the words that are right for the context: formal/informal, written/spoken, approving/disapproving;
* Help with collocations, showing which words go together;
* ‘Did you mean…?’ function and wildcard search which allows users to find a word even if they don’t know the spelling; and
* “History” to see the last 100 looked up words.