For years, people have been talking about the mobile revolution, but that time has gone. It is not a revolution anymore, it is now part of our daily routine.

Everywhere you look, you find organisations scrambling to create a mobile strategy. CIOs are faced with the BYOD dilemma, while business users just want the work to be done quickly, accurately and in real-time. Mobile engagement empowers people to take the next best action in their immediate context. This means the sales force agent in the field can act on leads immediately; customers can receive their orders placed in real-time and back-office processes get relevant information from the field without waiting for batch information capture.

Companies need innovative ways to extend their existing business models and empower their staff in the process.

Smartphones and tablets are now mainstream – everyone has got one. Coupling an entire ecosystem of services to these devices, companies can empower their work force and benefit from the increase in productivity. The first phase of mobile was about turning our cell phones into what are essentially powerful pocket PCs. The trick is to build on that momentum and utilise the technology for business advancement.

Mint has taken this challenge to heart and has produced a range of mobile products to assist companies achieve their goals. We have built a modular framework with common functionality across industries. By slotting these building blocks together in an industry specific way, you create your own solution to suit YOUR business needs.

Mint has pre-packaged a range of industry solutions under our “DotGo” brand, namely SalesDotGo which is geared for the sales force to empower them in the field; PharmaDotGo is fine-tuned for the pharmaceutical industry and PropertyDotGo for the Property Industry.

By building a system based on a modular approach, companies can grow their businesses one block at a time, focussing on the most critical elements first. Designed from the ground up on proven technologies, the solution is designed for ease-of-use with all the relevant functionality to achieve superior results through efficient in-field customer management and sales force productivity.

The solution is geared towards the three main players in the tablet and smartphone market, namely iOS, Android and Windows, so companies do not have to worry about which hardware to get but rather focus on their business.

Utilising features found in everyday Smartphones and Tablets like the camera, GPS and location-based services, work can be done in the field, uploaded and verified immediately. This ensures accurate, up-to-date and secure data is always available.

The real value in the solution, apart from increased customer satisfaction, is the speed and accuracy by which data is collected by the team in the field. In the past, sales employees spent hours preparing reports for their managers. With “DotGo” this is automated as all their interactions are captured centrally and available to managers in real-time.

Managers benefit from real-time reporting which allows them to make the right decisions at the right time, based on the latest information.

The message is clear – don’t wait for the revolution to take place, it’s already here. Embrace it now and empower your salesforce.

Visit Platinum sponsors, Mint at Reimagine 2015 where we will be show casing our “DotGO” range of solutions.