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Explore MS Dynamics ERP data


Microsoft announced at last year’s Convergence event that Microsoft Dynamics AX, NAV, and GP had seen over 30% growth in licensing and new customers.

Microsoft Dynamics ERP products are slowly gaining momentum, and with this the need to export your ERP data from these systems is elevated. As with all ERP systems, they are primarily an input mechanism for an organisation.

Reporting and analysing the information in these tools then becomes a challenge.

How do you explore your ERP Data without limitations?
Flexibility – you want a tool that is easy to scale according to your growing business needs.
Easy to use – you need to be able to use the tool independently, being able to self-serve your reporting needs
Cost Effective – along with your expensive investment in your Microsoft Dynamics ERP you don’t want to break the bank on a reporting and analysis tool
Time Saving – it needs to add value to the business by generating reports quickly when a quick business decision is required.

The product range available from Jet Reports allows you to do exactly this, explore your data without limitations.

Flexible – as the tool uses Excel for agile reporting, you can build and change any report you need to quickly, enabling the business to use their data more effectively.
Easy to use – as a company decision maker you want to be able to use your data as and when you need it. With Jet Reports, you can independently use your data, analyse the trends, and ultimately become self-sufficient to report on available data.
Cost Effective – most companies that use Business Intelligence for their ERP data see a cost saving almost immediately. With Jet Reports, there is an immediate saving of time it takes to produce reports. Therefore, there is an instant cost saving of the man hours it would take to produce static reports. There is also the significant revenue and saving benefits most customers has achieved by using Jet Reports.
Provides Visibility – a notable advantage of using Jet Reports on your Dynamics ERP Data is visibility into the business. Giving your team a clear view of what is going on in your enterprise. Enabling your team to be proactive in business decision-making, rather than reactive.
Time Saving: with previous Business intelligence solutions, you would have to ask IT to write reports, you would wait several weeks to see that data that would support or disprove your decision. With instant access to your data, you can now make data-driven decisions.

The ability to explore your Microsoft Dynamics ERP Data without limitations is your first step in becoming a data-driven organisation.