The 2015 DStv Delicious International Food and Music Festival, presented by Nedbank, will not only offer inspired creations in food and world class entertainment, but will also feature near field communications (NFC) technology.

According to Brandon Duffield, head of Ticketpro, this improve the overall experience for the event goer.

“Ticketpro is thrilled to announce our long-term partnership with the DStv Delicious International Food & Music Festival, and this year’s event provides the ideal platform to showcase our technology solutions,” he says.

Duffield adds that the overall event solutions will combine a number of elements covering a variety of event activities such as ticketing, in-venue cashless purchasing and security.

“Ticketholders for the VIP Delicious Lounge area will receive individual NFC cards,” he says. “These cards support various event benefits, such as being able to load tokens for the event, thus facilitating fast and safe cashless payments.”

In addition, as each user’s card is registered specifically to them, they will be able to receive directly special offers, discounts and rewards. These will be received in realtime on the cards and are linked to a user’s preferences based on their recent activities at the event.

“For example, if a cardholder purchases food or refreshments, specifically tailored offerings such as discounts on certain brands or meals can be made to that user. When offers are promoted, users will be notified via their cellular phones.”

Duffield adds that NFC cardholders will be able to use their cards to access express queues at the venue, or even skipping the queue altogether. “All cardholders will also be able to load future Ticketpro event tickets or funding directly on to their card when ordering online, therefore eliminating the need to print or collect tickets for future events.”

With the DStv Delicious Festival International Food & Music Festival expecting more than 20 000 attendees, the technology is particularly effective in the management and streamlining of infrastructure and event functions.