As South African organisations continue to search for ways to drive down cost and improve efficiency and agility, they are increasingly looking to cloud computing to achieve this. This has forced service providers to relook at their solution delivery models to meet market requirements.
Itec Communications has launched a cloud solution that incorporates key applications and simplifies technology for mid to large organisation. “With Itec One, we are moving our clients’ entire office to the cloud and bundling it with applications such as MS Office to ensure that they can operate efficiently,” says Rodney Taylor, MD of Itec Communications. “We are also enabling our clients to realise the vision of become a true mobile enterprise, a key priority for many organisations in the South Africa.” Enterprise mobility and security were two of the top priorities that emerged during the recent IDC South Africa CIO Summit.

“In the past clients cited latency and connectivity issues as one of the biggest inhibitors to cloud computing, but these issues are now a thing of the past,” says Taylor. “We have structured our communications in such a way that we can provide a point-to-point connection from any device into the data centre, which means clients can expect reliable connectivity to their critical applications at all times.” Itec One provide clients with Tier 1 connectivity to a Tier 1 data centre and comes with a 30-day money back guarantee and is POPI compliant.

Through Itec One clients will have access to full disaster recover, specialist support and high storage capacity at an affordable rate. “Cloud computing brings inherent benefits, such as advanced security, scalability and improved productivity, which is what every business needs to remain competitive today,” says Taylor. “Through our specialist support, it also allows our clients to focus on their core income-generating activities rather than worry about hardware issues,” he adds.

The digital business is disrupting business operations like never before, so organisations will have to relook their business models and ensure they have right technology in place to support those. “Having migrated close to 3 000 clients to this solution already, we have enabled them to become much more agile – something which is crucial to survival in today’s competitive environment,” Taylor concludes.