National ICT services and solutions provider Dac Systems has announced a partnership with established software solutions provider Axnosis, to offer clients access to a range of ERP solutions and relevant expertise.

Axnosis focuses its products, based on Microsoft Dynamics technology, on exploration, mining and metals processors, asset intensive organisations, services companies and related industries.

The company’s solutions are based on Microsoft Dynamics software and its own applicable software including Ax Safety & health, Ax Production accounting, Ax Stores management and Ax Treasury and BEE inside Ax.

This value proposition is based on the provision of fully integrated best of breed software, designed to enhance and transform conventional system integration, ERP, project and process management.

One example of how this software operation has accurately read its market and developed relevant, practical technology is in the release of xMMP (exploration, Mining and Minerals Processing)

Industries that Axnosis is involved with have shifted from being supply-based to being demand-based, fuelled by the demand from booming economies reliant upon minerals and ore. There has been a subsequent demand for productivity in xMMP services and the need for supportive solutions.

To address this need Axnosis developed Dynamics xMMP to assist businesses with Total Life of Mine (‘LoM’), which means that, using the solution, they are able to effectively leverage mineral rights claims, exploration, drilling, stockpiles, shipping, dispatch, amongst other areas of operation and functions.

Riaan van der Berg, MD of Axnosis, explains that the Company’s solution meets a specific need, it fills a void – a space that has grown over time because of the lack of reliable, comprehensive software solutions.

”Axnosis has applied years of experience and knowledge of Microsoft to engineer Ax ERP and take it to the market in partnership with Dac Systems, a Microsoft-focused business that understands the nuances of demanding, volume-and customer-centric markets ,” says van der Berg.

Chris Willemse, CEO of Dac Systems, says the alliance represents the union of two market leaders who have in common a strong track record of successful solution development and implementation. “Most industries are reliant upon comprehensive solutions that are designed to be robust and developed to provide the level of functionality that is required at various stage of operation. Along with Axnosis, we have the market experience, product knowledge and technical expertise to ensure that clients are able to leverage this advancement processing.”