Sun International has appointed Samsung Electronics South Africa as the preferred supplier for hospitality TVs in 3 000 of its guest rooms, as well as for its Smart Signage requirements across 12 of its casino floors.According to Mike van Lier, director of the Enterprise Business Division (EBD) at Samsung Electronics SA, the company has a proud legacy of pioneering breakthrough technological innovations. “The hospitality industry is extremely competitive and for a company to truly differentiate itself, it must strive to create a better guest experience while also laying the foundations for long-term operational excellence, using solutions that can respond to evolving customer demands.”

The modern, digitally-savvy guest expects a complete in-room entertainment system that comprises of a high definition TV alongside technology that will seamlessly allow functionalities such as access to the Internet, viewing of videos, media sharing and gaming.

“With an unparalleled portfolio of well-designed and integrated devices and offerings, Samsung enables venues to create a distinctive engagement with guests, allowing them to build lasting brand loyalty. Furthermore, ecosystems that have been designed specifically for the global hospitality industry offer owners an opportunity to deliver customised product solutions,” says Van Lier.

Sun International has chosen the Samsung HC690 Series Hotel TV, which has been expertly designed for upscale venues. The display includes an easy-to-use interface, contributing towards a luxurious atmosphere and providing excellent viewing with sleek, streamlined profiles and a narrow, distraction-free bezel design.

The true ingenuity of the HC690 TV lies in its powerful internal processor, called the Hospitality Browser. It delivers and manages TV channels and interactive hotel services directory information, as well as allows for Video on Demand, which are streamed over a data network.

The Hospitality Browser replaces the old fashioned set top boxes which are prone to tampering and failure. Samsung technology ensures that guests are not able to change the tuning and configuration settings, which is achieved by identical set-up of the TVs, so that they always remain at the same setting. As a result, the operational teams do not have to continually reset the TVs, reducing the overall cost of ownership for the business.

In addition, the HC690 also has built in Wi-Fi access points so that hotel guests can connect to the web-based internet content via the TV.

Samsung’s Smart Signage displays on the casino floor will also ensure that Sun International’s visitors are provided with dynamic information through increased visual communication. The screens will be used to deliver customised content to the gaming public and will be strategically positioned across the gaming floor to allow visible access to the information being delivered.

Rob Collins, chief strategy and marketing officer at Sun International says: “We chose to partner with Samsung because it is a premium consumer electronics brand, which fits perfectly with the Sun International image. As a premier hospitality brand ourselves, we wanted a partner that would provide our guests with the optimum comfort, both in the hotel and the casino. Aesthetically, the TVs and Smart Signage also complement our design and décor.”

Van Lier concludes: “Samsung values this new alliance, which further demonstrates our commitment to delivering the best possible solutions for the hospitality industry. We look forward to a long term partnership that will foster a
deep, seamless and lasting connection.”