Beep! Beep! Beep! Anyone who has owned a UPS in the past decade knows, and probably dreads that noise; the sound of your UPS informing you that it needs a battery replacement – and if your luck is anything like mine, it probably happens at the most inconvenient times, says Bill Manning is vice-president of Global Business Power Solutions for APC by Schneider Electric.UPS manufacturers have made significant strides in recent years predicting the lifespan of their batteries – but since the most important factor influencing battery life is the environment the UPS is operating in; it has been extremely challenging to accurately forecast the end-of-life for these VRLA (Valve Regulated Lead Acid) batteries. However, APC by Schneider Electric has developed best-in-class innovative technology to deliver enhanced oversight and management to our customers.

We are proud to say that our new Smart UPS On-Line models are the only units on the market that offer dynamic battery life expectancy predictions. The intuitive alphanumeric LCD display will indicate the exact month and year the UPS will require a battery replacement. Best of all, the UPS constantly monitors your battery and its surrounding environment to accurately adjust predictions based on temperature fluctuations, and other conditions that may affect the battery’s life cycle – effectively eliminating guesswork so you and your business can better prepare for the future.

Traditionally it is recommended that organisations that use UPSes to protect mission critical equipment keep replacement batteries on-site for seamless transitions when batteries reach the end of their lifecycle. However, for large organisations that deploy hundreds of UPSes, this can be a complicated and space intensive undertaking, especially when considering the recommendations for proper storage:
* Batteries in storage should be charged every six months;
* Cumulative storage time should not exceed one year; and
* Store the battery at 10°C or less when possible.

Therefore, not only does the dynamic battery life prediction assure continuity in your organisation by eliminating risk – it saves your IT environment valuable time and space by eliminating the need to store and service a stock of replacement batteries for your UPS fleet.

In addition to predicting when your battery will need to be replaced, the intelligent battery management feature allows for temperature-compensated charging, which prevents overcharge situations – extending the life of your battery.

Make sure an outdated UPS isn’t the weak link in your IT infrastructure. Check out the new, smarter Smart-UPS On-Line models – all of which are Energy Star certified and compatible with servers from leading IT vendors – and take advantage of over 25 years of trademarked Legendary Reliability, efficient designs and innovative features to make sure your IT infrastructure is more protected than ever.