ICT services provider Network Alliance recently attained the Microsoft Silver Cloud Productivity competency certification offered to qualifying members of the Microsoft Partner Network.
The certification process is stringent, and requires service providers to not only demonstrate a high-level of technical expertise in the design & delivery of cloud-based solutions, but also to provide evidence – in the form of verifiable customer references – of successful deployments.

Attainment of this competency in particular, and membership of the Microsoft Partner Network in general, offers a variety of benefits to qualified Partners. These benefits include a listing on PinPoint, Microsoft’s powerful portal that empowers customers to locate service providers with specific skill sets and experience, and access to a wide variety of support services offered to its partners by Microsoft.

In addition to more traditional on-premise infrastructure solutions, the Silver Cloud Productivity competency allows Network Alliance to deliver a variety of cloud-based solutions and services to its customers.

“This is about being in a position to capitalise on the cloud and enhance service delivery to our customer base. Given the increasing level of significant cloud services in the market today, and the clear-cut opportunities to customers and service providers alike, credibility and experience is critical. Our Silver Cloud Productivity competency underlines our credibility and establishes Network Alliance as a leading services provider in an evolving and extremely competitive market segment,” says Raymond Wright, MD at Network Alliance.

Wright adds that Network Alliance will utilise its Cloud Productivity competency to offer its customers an even more comprehensive value proposition, which will focus on reducing capital and operational expenditure, increasing productivity and enhancing customers’ ability to compete by ensuring that IT truly becomes a business enabler.