Ericsson’s ConsumerLab has published the report Internet Goes Mobile, which is focused on consumer expectations and needs with respect to mobile broadband services in South Africa.
The study, which represents 25-million people living in urban areas of the country, confirms the growing demand for a connected lifestyle among consumers, as well as their desire to stay engaged online.

The desire to remain updated and connected is a strong motivator for consumers when opting for a particular internet service. For instance, 55% of users of both WiFi and mobile broadband are continuously alternating between both connections in search of better speed, reliability or coverage.

Magnus Mchunguzi, vice-president and MD for Ericsson South Africa comments: “The ConsumerLab study confirms that South Africans are moving towards leading a more connected lifestyle with a great adoption of latest mobile devices. With more consumers wanting to remain online, the demand for quality data and connection is high, leaving operators to meet the challenge of providing internet users with consistent good quality connection at all times at a reasonable price.”

According to the report, 83% of smartphone users use their devices to access the internet on a daily basis, with 61% wanting to remain connected to other internet users online even when they are socializing with friends and family face-to-face. The need to engage in online activities is reflected in the way consumers use their devices when indoors or outdoors.

The study also highlights some of the future technologies and services that South Africans are excited about. These include multiscreen usage, connected home and connected cars. South Africans wish to lead a more connected life and look to technology to help bridge the gap.