The MB Technologies group has rebranded itself as the Tarsus Technology Group, leveraging the brand recognition enjoyed by the Tarsus distribution company.

Significantly, the organisation also turns 30 this year, having recently completed a business strategy process that has resulted in a number of acquisitions and the overall growth of the group.

“The group is evolving from product-centric to an organisation focused on supply chain optimisation, services and solutions, with the customer at the heart of everything and we needed to portray this in our brand look and feel as well as the structure,” says Miles Crisp, CEO of the Tarsus Technology.

The rebranding sees the adoption of Tarsus as the Group name with the subsidiaries now branded as Tarsus Distribution (Tarsus Technologies), Tarsus Channel Capital (Channel Capital), Tarsus Risk Management (Channel Risk Management), Tarsus Cloud on Demand (Cloud on Demand), Tarsus Mobility Solutions (Yeahpoint), Tarsus SecureData (SecureData), Tarsus Emerging Markets, Tarsus Academy, Printacom and GAAP.

“Established in 1985, Tarsus Technologies has a rich history in the IT distribution industry and three decades has seen a revolution within the group of companies,” Crisp says.

“We believe that our revitalised brand and strategy brings cohesion to all parts of the organisation, the channel, and ultimately our customers. The intention is to reinvigorate positive change within the channel and the industry by imbuing collaboration into our DNA.”

Most of the group companies are situated together under one roof in the Waterfall Commercial District and the focus is on integrated technology distribution and solutions which the IT channel environment is under pressure to deliver.

“Internally we are focusing on education and continual upskilling to allow for a greater impact and role within our customers’ businesses. Externally our focus is to move away from the traditional channel-distribution model where margins have continually eroded, to a model that provides a far greater mix of services and value and an innovation drive that will provide profitability and sustainability for not only us, but for the channel as a whole,” says Crisp.