Sonus Networks and a Microsoft Gold Communications Partner recently introduced to the market the new Sonus SBC 1000 and SBC 2000 Release 4.1 software, designed to enable Skype for Business with TLS 1.2 secure signalling.

Available from Q-KON SA, the Sonus distributor for sub-Saharan Africa, the release includes other enhancements as well, e.g. expanded interoperability with Broadworks, SIP signalling and E911 enhancements, and call waiting support, with no pricing or service changes.

This means service providers and enterprises within the South African and African markets can leverage the latest developments in the unified communication market as businesses look forward migrating from Lync 2013 to Skype for Business 2015.

Businesses today are looking to capitalise on the transition from traditional environments to cloud-based network architecture environments, introducing a range of capability including enhanced control, security, improved Quality of Experience and resilience/ survivability.

Key features of the Sonus Skype for Business offering are:

* Dedicated network resources ensures the highest level of protection against Denial of Service DoS attacks;
* Maximum resiliency with high-availability configurations and redundant power supplies;
* Branch resiliency with 3G/4G failover capabilities;
* Real-time 128-bit AES encryption on a dedicated CPU;
* Multivendor interoperability through SIP normalisation, transrating and transcoding;
* Centralised policy management intelligently manage routing paths, as well as a wide array of customer-defined policies; and
* Supports hosted and hybrid Skype for Business deployments.

“This is robust technology that can help a client with a seamless deployment of Skype for Business, and meet an increasing demand for unified communication across emerging markets. Our long-time partnership with Sonus, and extensive engineering capability adds value through the provision of expertise and reliable support,” explains Tjaart de Wet, MD of Q-KON South Africa.

Leadership at both Sonus and Q-KON SA acknowledge the interest in unified communications and the promise of enhanced productivity across Africa – a market ideally placed for the rollout and integration of Skype for Business.