Securicom, a leading managed IT security services vendor, has been appointed as the boutique distributor of Lakeside Software’s world leading IT analytics platform, SysTrack, for sub-Saharan Africa.
SysTrack is a sophisticated business intelligence tool that provides unprecedented visibility into all applications running on a company’s entire IT infrastructure. As the specialised distributer of SysTrack in Sub-Saharan Africa, Securicom will help build a credible channel for the solution in the region.

“Systrack is the most robust tool for managing all applications at play on IT assets across the enterprise, from business applications, email and security, to consumer apps. It is the only technology available that encompasses a full range of capabilities for application monitoring and assessment to allow for intelligent decision-making and planning of infrastructure requirements, better asset management, as well as managing IT security.

“With Systrack, IT and architects can get a single, consolidated view of the entire IT estate. The solution collects information relating to security status, installed applications, CPU usage and other intelligence and turns it into big data analytics for end user computing. It is essentially business intelligence for IT professionals.

“SysTrack is a synergetic fit within our suite of services and has tremendous potential to drive value for companies in the management of their IT ecosystems,” says Securicom’s Richard Broeke.

The SysTrack IT analytics platform provides Enterprise IT with the business intelligence to address a broad set of operational and security requirements. The solution integrates many management disciplines into a unique, comprehensive management console. SysTrack seamlessly manages virtualised desktops, virtualised servers, terminal servers and physical systems to provide an end-to-end view of the environment. SysTrack supports the complete range of deployments, from physical environments to partially/fully virtualised environments, to cloud computing.

SysTrack performs complex IT tasks like automated power management, user auditing, performance monitoring, change management, event management, latency and end-user experience management, application resource analysis, chargeback, virtualization assessment and planning, application pool design and more. All of these features are provided in both web report and interactive forms.

The solution offers improved visibility of the IT environment, affording management the information needed to design optimized infrastructures. This means that hardware demands can also be dramatically reduced through effective right-sizing, resource balancing, and optimised allocation.

Importantly, SysTrack provides enhanced security through built-in auditing and assessment capabilities. It offers built-in root cause analysis and problem identification, measurably reducing tech support time. Advanced diagnostics and forensics features enable timely and effective problem resolution, further reducing administrative costs and lowering downtime, while improving end user productivity.

Managing costs are also among the benefits of deploying SysTrack. For instance, companies can reduce energy costs through effective heuristic physical and virtual power management that maximises low power states, and minimise application license costs through intelligent planning to reduce software waste and maintenance costs.

Commenting on Securicom’s appointment as distributor, Michael Church, Manager – Sub-Saharan Africa from Lakeside Software says: “Securicom is a recognised and trusted vendor and distributor of effective and value-adding IT security services in Africa. They have the expertise and ability to take the software and demonstrate its value through reducing the complexity of managing applications within businesses in the region and directly reducing costs. We believe there is great potential for SysTrack in Sub Saharan Africa.”

Tony Coleman, GM for Lakeside EMEA adds, “Globally, we have many companies utilising Systrack for its robust and innovative feature set. Our customers range from small, to some that have hundreds of thousands of endpoints under management with Systrack, demonstrating its scalable architecture. We believe this is something that the Sub Saharan Africa market has been eagerly awaiting to add to its portfolio of readily available technologies.”