Everyone knows that South Africans ensconce themselves behind huge walls and electric fences and deploy alarm systems installed at huge cost and backed by armed response companies. With the county’s astronomical crime rate this is understandable. 
Says Derick Roberts, CEO of wireless solutions provider TruTeq Devices – which has launched a new DIY home alarm system: “While security is a necessity, home owners are faced with a barrage of higher costs, while their salaries fall behind. This is one of the reasons why we have launched what we believe is a revolutionary new DIY solution.

“It is aimed at combating the woes of high security costs and is designed as a cost effective solution amortised by the Cellular Operator with full remote control via mobile phone, with security solutions that are post- or prepaid, or whatever suits the customer’s payment challenges and requirements.”

The solutions from TruTeq Devices are expected to rival the prepaid utility and airtime markets as security – or rather the lack thereof – is affecting all South Africans regardless of income, race or gender.

A user will be able to “switch on” his security whenever he needs it – and leave it off when it is deemed that it is not needed. Additionally, all aspects of the system can be run remotely, and pulls communities closer. Roberts said this can save significantly on monthly security costs.

The system – which is wireless-based – can also be connected to armed response companies if needed.