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CSSI releases data recovery software


CSSI has announced the launch of, the commercialisation of their award winning data recovery technology.LuminSoftware is a culmination of 15 years of enhancements and four years of R&D in South Africa and India. On the eve of CSSI’s 15 year anniversary – three recovery packages for image/multimedia recovery, lost data and Mac platform recoveries are now available for the first time in the company history for download.

Four more technology packages – RAID Recovery, Cell Phone Recovery, SSD recovery and a ‘file reconstruction software’ for partner testing are available and will be launched to the broader market in coming months.

The software is unique in so far as the latest algorithms and engine scanner technologies developed by CSSI. These enhance and streamline multimedia, corrupt data, lost file reconstruction and has the ability to rebuild data even on badly damaged hard drives, flash /memory sticks and SSD’s including defective sectors.

CSSI also launched today the opening of its 24 -hour global data recovery support facility. Certified DR engineers can now remote login and complete most forms of data recovery requirements, even on RAID, defective backup systems or exchange servers anywhere in the world without the need to transport heavy equipment or servers to or from base location.

Sundeep Saini, head of R&D at CSSI, says he was impressed by the early uptake and quantity of orders by partners and sales of the latest data recovery software during beta sales and the positive reviews from several countries which are acknowledge on the Web.

He advised that the team is commencing a new project to automate “…virtual recoveries for data centres and corporates, [as a software for] due to increasing demand for data centre recoveries that has been escalating year on year.” Presently, virtual data recoveries require numerous days of engineer and lab time to successfully restore from a virtual corrupted volume or virtual disks which have suffered from a data loss event.

The announcement is a key departure of CSSI as a conventional IT data recovery service provider having successfully completed over 35 000 data recoveries in the last 15 years globally. This opening up of the technology to other businesses and users, is the sharing of the technology that secured CSSI the Ministerial awards, top business awards and numerous DR accolades. CSSI officially now is a provider of tools and technology to allow users to economically and quickly recover information from many forms of data loss, data corruptions or device failure.

  • alice

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  • JokerMayCry

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  • MewrFw0


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